Homemade Christmas Elf Costumes

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Christmas elf costumes are one of the most popular costumes for Christmas party. There are parties and celebrations lasting from the day after Thanksgiving proper up till New Year’s. Everyone enjoys dressing up-from the smallest child to the oldest adult there is something attractive about dressing up and wearing a special costume. Practical people usually like to purchase Wholesale Christmas Elf Costumes for lower price. However, there are also family who like to Make Christmas Elf Costume. Homemade Christmas elf costumes will be more meaningful for the family. In order to make homemade Christmas elf costumes, there are several parts of the costume that you must consider.

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What Are in Christmas Elf Costumes?


You can make with an oversized green or red tunic for your Christmas elf costumes. This is because these colors are the color theme for Christmas. Cut three large circles from felt in a contrasting color and glue them in a line evenly spaced down the front of the tunic with fabric glue.

grey Homemade Christmas Elf Costumes

Use a black fabric marker to draw four dots on each circle to make them look like giant buttons. Cinch the tunic at the waist with a belt or a piece of cord. However, you can also ignore making these buttons. Just mix the cloth of green-red for the body and arms. Then when you’re finished add a ribbon or belt for a catchy look on your waist.


This part is also important in Christmas elf costumes. You can wear leggings in a contrasting color to your tunic. You could also wear tights in a contrasting color. If you like patterned pants, you can choose ones with stripped line like candy cane. In cold temperatures you can also wear thermal underwear in a contrasting color. You may also tights,stockings or leggings. Using 2 different colors will make you more eye catching.

grey Homemade Christmas Elf Costumes


You can make an elf hat with felt and cardboard. Simply glue felt that matches your tunic in color to a piece of cardboard. Bend the cardboard into a cone shape that fits snugly atop your head. Glue a feather in a contrasting color to your elf hat. A bell on the end of the hat adds a festive touch as well. Wear plain black shoes to complete the look.

grey Homemade Christmas Elf Costumes


Shoes in Christmas elf costumes are usually black ballet flat or ankle boot. You can also choose Shoes for Christmas Elf Costume in the same color as your tunic. There are various kinds of materials for shoes. You can simply make one for your own.

grey Homemade Christmas Elf Costumes


There are some accessories that you can wear to complete your Christmas elf costumes like a black belt with a large buckle, Jingle bell collar, jingle bell necklace or bracelet, elf tools including a small hammer, mistletoe, and Christmas toys.

grey Homemade Christmas Elf Costumes

For those who like sewing, you can sew your personalized Christmas elf costumes. You can browse several Sewing Patterns Christmas Elf Costumes from the internet. And then choose the one which the most suitable. You should also choose the right fabric. For this, you do not need to buy very expensive fabrics. Fabric other than felt can be used, but it will probably require hemming.

Using a double thread if sewing by hand, sew the sides of the tunic together leaving ample room for the arms. Make sure that you involve your kids when determining the ideas of the costumes. Well, do not hesitate to explore your creativity to make your personalized Christmas elf costumes for you and your family.

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